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The Frontier of coffee cup Innovation

My story

Ever since I can remember I have always had a massive interest and finding peace in the environment and just nature itself. I’ve always been known to take care of the environments around where I live and have done many things to help prevent hurting the nature that was around me. It didn't matter how old I was, I would always find ways to be out in my garden or watch the animals and insects out of curiosity. I have always loved getting out of the house and going out for a coffee with my mum, and coming form the hills it was generally somewhere outdoors and in and around parks, nature reserves, and bushland.

when I was in high school I was never the top A student in the top classes in my year grade. I struggled with dealing with a school environment 5 days a week and it exhausted me. But when Icame to IDEA’s academy every for me changed. I started making new friends and building up confidence from my mentors that helpedme out my comfort zone. and most importantly i started finding my passion again and my purpose of what i really wanted to do in my life.

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The problem

We all love a good coffee, whether at home or on the go, socially enjoying it or sipping it on the way to work to prepare us for the day ahead. Three in four Australians have at least one cup of coffee every day.

Unfortunately, 2.7 million, single-use coffee cups are being discarded into landfills daily in Australia, this adds up to 1 billion single-use that are thrown into landfills every year. And mostly only 1% of those disposable cups are getting recycled in Australia.

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Because of this, it is leading to overwhelmingly catastrophic issues like deforestation, climate change, and many more. Although many package companies that produce this product, claim that their single-use coffee cups are decomposable and indeed “sustainable” there are still substances like PLA lining in the coffee cups ( aka plastic ), and overall still takes up to 6 months to 30 years to properly decompose.

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My company is called seedelco and the product that I am innovating is a biodegradable coffee cup that indeed decomposes quicker, and will have seeds embedded into the material so that when it is decomposed from exposure to weather it will grow into plants or trees.

This will be a massive desperately needed game changer for the environment. My cups will bring important conversation starters to coffee lovers, coffee-run cafes, and even kids who love their hot chocolates, with informative facts added to the packaging.

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This innovation will create a more sustainable future for us without affecting our regular lives by having to make a massive change to our daily routines. Not only will this aim to improve consumer’s green thumbs but to bring awareness to what happening in the world, and what large organizations are doing for our planet to improve it.

Future of Sustainability.
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year 11

In year 11, I dedicated my efforts to the conceptual design aspect of my business project. I focused my logo design through multiple iterations and crafted the visual aesthetics for flyers and posters, bringing life to my business vision.

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Year 12

In year 12, I dove into experimenting and delved deep into researching my project. I concentrated on exploring single-use coffee cups and figuring out the best materials for my projects. I stepped out of my comfort zone by connecting with mentors and companies that could provide what I needed. Ultimately, I buckled down and worked really hard to achieve my goals.

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For any questions, concerns, or any general feedback please contact me at the following below Thank you !!!


Phone Number : 0404204544

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